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Ugh, Devart ... this layout is AWFUL. PUT IT BACK!
Shuilian by Yunie-B
Water Lily. This is my newest mage, Shuilian. She is the daughter of two Lorewalkers and has spent most of her life in the grand library in Mogushan Palace. She sees a blood elf at the library and is so intrigued by them that she follows some back to Kalimdor. She is completely overwhelmed by the fascism and racism that the orcs under Hellscream exhibit, and she flees on a zeppelin bound for Undercity. There she's met by forsaken who joke at her expense about being a buffet (she's much smaller when she comes from Pandaria to Kalimdor, but still heavier than average pandaren) and she flees to Silvermoon City. There, she is given another blow when some blood elf girls decide to lead her to a pond and push her in.

With her good clothes soaked, Shuilian has no choice but to don clothing that is far too small for her and finds a place to dry off with some dignity. There, she meets a most peculiar elf.

Melecertes Sunbrook is the son of two very powerful magisters and the only surviving of four children. He is being pressured to marry by his parents, but he refuses to marry for any reason other than love. His conviction is tested after his parents continually try to play matchmakers. Mel finds a way to make the girls reject him: a glamour potion that makes him seem to be fat, when in truth, he is quite slender. He sees Shui and they begin travelling together. Mel decides that this pandaren is the one he wants to marry, as she's the first person to ever accept him just as he is.

Shui is so excited about having a blood elf show interest in her that she allows him to begin fattening her up. He doesn't do so outright, but offers her seconds and thirds, and makes sure she has the lion's share of their meals. As she gets bigger, he begins using special methods and additives to increase her weight gain substantially.

What will happen when she finds out that Mel's not really a pudgy pally?

Name: Shui Lian Huong

Race: Pandaren, Pandaria

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 408 lbs

Age: 18

Spouse: none

Children: none

Parents: Cheungxi Huong & Kaiyun Chang

Siblings: None

Likes: Sweets, kittens, blood elves, tauren, pretty dresses

Dislikes: Orcs, Forsaken, Alliance blowhards, jerks

Biography: Shui Lian is the only child of her parents from Pandaria. Both parents are Lorewalkers and her mother is a scribe who works extensively with the Shado-pan. When she first saw the blood elves arrive on Pandaren shores, she was intrigued, and the more she saw of them, the more she wanted to be near them. To a sturdy pandaren like herself, the blood elves were ethereal and pretty, so she joined with the Horde to be near them. She didn’t, however, realize that the Orcs were so fascist and intolerant – at least the ones in the horde capitol of Orgrimmar – and she quickly fled to the towering plateaus of Thunder Bluff.

Shui is easily manipulated, being trusting and sheltered most of her young life, hidden away in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, safe behind the golden gates and protected from the horrors of the mantid, the yaungol and the mogu. She is so desperate to win the affection of a handsome blood elf that she could easily be susceptible to altering herself to further gain one’s approval and committal. She’s always been told it’s impolite to refuse a gift offered to her, so she does not say no very often.



Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Current Residence: Icecrown, most of the time. Otherwise, Dalaran
Favourite genre of music: Jpop, Alternative, Game Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Anime, Warcraft, fat peoples, anthros
Operating System: Vista 64
MP3 player of choice: Winamp. Dat Llama's so kawaii!
Shell of choice: Donatello's
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever strikes my fancy
Skin of choice: Any on a blood elf
Favourite cartoon character: Matteo, Kieran, Londriel, Aldrian, Rezo, Kopii Rezo, tubbies,
Personal Quote: Can warlock gear GET any uglier? Oh, wait. Never mind.

General News, Commission Info

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 28, 2010, 10:14 AM

:iconyoshimattsu: X :iconyunie-b: are married.

Why do things have to be so damn complicated?

Real Life Akia 1998-ish by Yunie-BMindi Hrusky tiny face by Yunie-B
Some of you may recall my early website FATOPIA. Yes, I'm Akia Swan. My artwork has greatly improved since the day, and I'm proud to have been the origin of the WG artwork that is pretty prevalent today. My artwork subject matter and styles vary greatly. You may find just about anything in my gallery. If there is something you see that you just don't like, I would appreciate your not leaving a derogatory comment.

Flames aren't welcome here. :onfire:

Commissions are still open, and now, I can put pix in here so you don't have to click a link!

Again, I'm still working on improving all facets of my abilities, and this is now including some painted backdrops which I'll be uploading for background use for anyone who wants to use them.

Commissions: Commissions are open.
Art Trades: I rarely do art trades, but if you can create something like this, then I will entertain the notion of a trade.
Chibi-chibi by Yunie-BCommission from Gasara by Yunie-B

Requests: I do not take requests. At times, I may ask for character suggestions or post a contest that created
Contest Winner by Yunie-B
but these, too, will be rare. This is my only source of income and I simply cannot do non gratis work. I will on occasion run a special for commissioned work. Watch for any special promotions. =D

If you want to request a kind of commission not shown here, ie, chibis or character from photograph, note me and I'll open a dialogue with you. :D

Rates are as follows (in US funds):

Rough pencil sketch, no cleanup, one character_______$5 Add'l charas, add $2 each.
Ex. I Feel Stupid scrap by Yunie-B

Cleaned Lineart, one character_______$10, additional characters, add $3 each
Ex. Determination by Yunie-B

Cleaned pencilwork, greyscale________$15, additional characters, add $4 each
Ex. Londrel Pencil by Yunie-B

Lineart with color, photo or simple background, one character____$15, additional characters, add $4 each
Ex: I Love You by Yunie-B Shannon O'Keefe by Yunie-B

Lineart with color, technical background, one character____$20+ (depending on complexity), additional characters, add $5 each.
Ex:A Tender Moment by Yunie-B

Hand-colored lineart, simple background, one character_____$30+ (depending on complexity), additional characters, $5 add each, price includes postage.
Ex: Kirwen Dirinthalas, Drow Elf by Yunie-B Lady Precious by Yunie-B

If you want me to go all out and create a storyline and artwork, note me and we can work out a price. Storylines and two images with two characters and a rendered background will start at $50 and up. Examples: Commission Matteo x Cloud Tygr by Yunie-BCommission Matteo x Cloud 2 by Yunie-B

I know the prices are a bit higher than before, but I want to commit to quality over quantity. I will do artistic nudes, but no porn, hentai, eechi. If you want a commission, please send me a note with as much detail about the character as possible. I reserve the right to limit the number of additional characters. I don't draw mechanical things well, but if it's something you REALLY want, I'll use a reference and do my best. I will send you a rough sketch for you to approve or ask for revisions. When the sketch is complete, I will ink and scan it, then discuss color options with you, if you have any preferences. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Paypal can be found here!!!

I can only accept paypal at this time, and I'm going to limit the number of commissions I will accept at a time to 10. Then I'll rinse and repeat.

Paypal user id is

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  • Listening to: World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King ST
  • Reading: Nothing ATM. WTB more Warcraft books. =(
  • Watching: Warehouse 13, Fringe, Matteo
  • Playing: World of Warcraft, what else?
  • Eating: You don't want to know. lol
  • Drinking: Iced tea, lots of it.


The post apocalyptic_ pollutions by inSOLense

This work has great depth and excellent play on light and shadows, blending the foreground, midground and background elements well. The...

Day of the Dragonqueen by krysdecker

This is a beautifully rendered Warcraft piece, and exactly how I would have imagined Alexstrasza chasing down a nasty bit of orc. The e...

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